Your Podcast for Great New Affiliate Program Reviews

by admin on September 19, 2010

af·fil·i·ate [v. uh-fil-ee-eyt; n. uh-fil-ee-it, -eyt], noun: online publisher sending quality sales to merchants while sharing revenue

juice [joos], verb: essence, strength, or vitality

Affiliate JuiceA podcast to highlight great new affiliate programs and analyze them to make them better for affiliates.

How much juice does your affiliate program have? Find out as we roll out the Affiliate Juice concept.  The Affiliate Juice podcast has been approved on GeekCast.FM and we’ll be recording our official Episode #1 on Thursday. Joe and I recorded a dry run with our “Pilot” last week to work on the initial kinks and sound quality. We have this site and we have an outstanding professionally recorded intro and outro from an old radio buddy of mine. All the pieces are coming together.

The show format goes like this – Joe intros the merchant of the show and then I run down the checklist from merchants that submit their program details. We will pick and choose some of the key points of the program and analyze any essentials that could be enhanced. Our ultimate goal is to help merchants improve their program and give them some insight into what affiliates are really looking in new programs. As our audience grows, we hope to match these new merchants with affiliates that listen to the podcast.

I’ll be reaching out to several other outsourced program managers in the next few weeks to stack the deck with great new programs so we can set the tone and groove of Affiliate Juice. I hope to see networks, managers and new merchants submitting their program information on a regular basis. Will you help spread the word?

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