Affiliate Juice Podcast Episode 5: Review

by joe on November 5, 2010

Short, sweet and to the point is our theme this week as we talked with Kim Salvino from She represented a great program from that network called One point of clarification for those of you who always wondered, Joe had to ask how to pronounce the name of the network. Both Greg and Joe assumed it was Buy Dot At… But alas, we were corrected, it’s simply buy at, the b is always lower case by the way… So Joe promised to become a pronunciation evangelist for the network.

deb shops specializes in junior and plus-sized merchandise for women aged 13 to 25. They operate more than 340 stores throughout the United States and they carry significant brand awareness that affiliates have been able to capitalize on this year.

Unique Elements of deb shops:

  • 8% Commission
  • Gift Cards are commissionable
  • Full updated Datafeed, Popshops and Datafeedr ready
  • No Trademark bidding but direct linking and use of display url is allowed
  • Newsletter sent when they have real news for affiliates
  • Huge increases in sales surrounding Homecoming and Prom Seasons, as well as holiday

Kim discussed the need for the merchant to offer more vanity and exclusive coupon codes for affiliates as well as sharing top seller information based on seasonality. Affiliates crave this type of content!

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