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by joe on January 28, 2011

Adam Riemer, the in-house manager for, joins Joe and Greg for the latest edition of Affiliate Juice. Adam is very well known in the industry as an affiliate, blogger and former OPM.

The program is new on ShareASale and pays $3 for each new job seeker that signs up. It also pays 25% of each resume sale, which Adam says is the largest resume writing service online. is a leading job search engine that takes a unique approach in helping Job Seekers find the perfect job. matches job seekers to open positions based on what is important to the seeker and what is required by the company. By matching job seekers and companies, just like a dating site matches people, jobfox helps job seekers find jobs faster and easier. Jobfox is there to support job seekers with everything from our professional resume writing service to our free job engine with over 120,000 job listings.

Here are some of the quick benefits of the jobfox program.

• Parasite resistance. (Adam has very strong opinions on this. You have to listen!)
• Attentive Management. (After listening, you will understand)
• Jobfeed to come soon. (Interesting concept)
• No auto approve! (He stands by this with facts!)

Follow Adam on his affiliate marketing blog. Read Greg’s Affiliate Summit West 2011 wrap-up.

Visit Affiliate Juice to find out how to enter your program for analysis. More about us: Joe runs a brand management company and Greg runs an affiliate management company.

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