Affiliate Juice Podcast #23 –

by joe on May 24, 2011

Overheard before Affiliate Juice #23: Joe, have you heard of No, have you heard of it, Greg. Nope. I guess that’s why we do these podcasts! Would we recommend this program to affiliates? Yes, we would.

Listen to learn more as we talk with Olga Eskina about the affiliate program.

Program Description: is an extensive database for government auctions across the US and Canada. We offer a free 3 day trial where users get 100% full access and are given the opportunity to test out the site. If they choose to keep the membership after the trial, the membership subscription is $18.95/month. Outside of the affiliate program, the site converts very well. We gain hundreds of new paying members every month. The affiliate program has been around for several years, but it has been dormant until about a year ago. Within the last year we have expanded onto three networks and within the last few months the affiliate manager has been working very actively to promote and expand the program. We offer the promotion of the free trial on both CJ and SAS. The lead is considered a free trial activation. On CJ we pay for the lead and for the sale (when the free trial converts to a monthly). On SAS we pay for the lead and for the recurring sale (every extra month a user stays with us, the affiliate that referred them gets a recurring commission. On ClickBank we allow affiliates to promote a $1 trial and they get paid on a recurring basis when the trial turns into a monthly subscription. Based on how well the product converts outside of the program, we see extremely high potential for a fully successful affiliate program!

Manager: Olga Eskina
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