Affiliate Juice 32 with Wade Tonkin

by admin on February 6, 2012

Wade Tonkin officially made his debut as the new co-host for the Affiliate Juice Podcast. Wade is the Affiliate Manager for, the biggest seller of licensed merchandise online.

We did a quick recap of our session at Affiliate Summit West with Jeremy Palmer. Wade and I were blown away by the detail and the overall awesomeness of Jeremy’s strategy on choosing which merchant to work with at any given point. Download the Merchant Scorecard here. Wade and I will be using this document frequently forever! Let us know what you think.

The second half of the podcast is a surprise inspection. We discussed the pros and cons of the following new launches on ShareASale:

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. – High EPC, should be a winner
Buckle That Belt – Greg is personally interested in belt buckles
Botach Tactical – Average sale is good but commission is low
Rack and Sack – No sales, small shop
Bike Shop Liquidators – 10,000 products but no Datafeed in the network?

We are actively looking for merchants and managers to interview for this podcast. If you are interested, please let us know.

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