About Juice

We are all hyped up on AFFILIATE JUICE! It not only tastes great but is good for your wallet. How much juice does your affiliate program have?

Affiliate Juice is a podcast that highlights newly launched affiliate programs on major networks.  Our goal is to help great merchants spread the word or their program’s benefits and perks to affiliates that listen and subscribe. We plan to evaluate programs on Buy.at, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Google, Linkshare and AvantLink.

Submissions to Affiliate Juice are done through this blog on the submit your program announcement page. The hosts reserve the right to reject any submission. There is no cost or obligation.  The only thing we ask of the merchant is to listen and implement any suggestions about improvements to the program. Constructive criticism will only be given to help improve the program for affiliates. If your program is professionally managed, all the better. We need good examples to put in the spotlight and we will give you all the kudos for a job well done – because our observations are that many affiliate programs are launched without managers or the basic understanding of what affiliates demand for success. We want to help educate new merchants and give worthy programs a boost in recruitment of quality affiliates.

What’s in it for us? We plan to use your affiliate links and optimize this site for SEO. If you have a second tier bonus, we also hope to share in the revenue from your new recruits.

Who are the hosts?

Joe Magennis has been involved in web based initiatives since 1998 as a founding partner of the Atlanta based marketing agency Fluid Media Inc.  He is the host of the Cover the Bases podcast series for Baseballisms.com, where he speaks to authors of books on baseball, diving into their motivation for writing books about our national pastime.  He co-hosts a social media podcast called The Bella Buzz and appears on the GeekCast.fm network as an original member of the Geek Dads Weekly podcast.

Greg Hoffman (@akagorilla) is an outsourced program manager with multiple clients in ShareASale and Commission Junction. He was recently voted Best OPM of 2010 by members of ABestWeb. Greg is also the author of the Marketing Gorilla Blog, an an affiliate marketing resource blog, started in 2005. His first major affiliate management position was for the Thompson Cigar family of companies including Linensource, Casual Living and Cafe Belmondo. Greg started his professional career as a reporter for newspapers including the Tampa Tribune and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Affiliate links on this site are based on our personal experience. We only share resources and services that we have personal experience with and can recommend without reservation. If you have any questions on these providers and our experience with them, feel free to ask.

• We occasionally make recommendations on this blog, which include links to helpful resources for which we receive a commission for each sale.

• These recommendations are based first and foremost on their merit. We make them either because of their value, helpfulness, and quality, or based on our direct or indirect knowledge of the merchant’s reputation, track record, and level of expertise. No advertiser will ever influence the content on this blog.

• Some links do not have any affiliation or compensation whatsoever, but are added based on merit.

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